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What you don't know you need.

In this day and age, we have gadgets, gizmos, and devices galore. Our homes are equipped with wifi, voice activated "helpers," and even automatic vacuums. Our cell phones track our children, cars drive themselves, and have you seen any of those steam machine washers & dryers? WOW! This is the future friends. It is only going to progress from here.

So, how do you know what you need? How do you discover new products that are innovative and create (even more) convenience in your life? How do you solve for problems when it seems that everything has been done or thought of already?

We here at Spill Bandit are very curious to know what your path to gadget discovery is, but also want to point out why Spill Bandit is the best car gadget that you don't know you need yet.

Folks have been eating in their cars for decades and doing so while happily accepting the risk that they will contaminate their clothing or seats with something they've spilled. Can you believe the gull!? How uncivilized!

We dare you to count how many times during the week you eat or drink in your car and don't protect yourself from stains. Statistically, it's one in five meals. Sound about right?

So, why not discover something new that you don't know you need and solve for the problem of embarrassing stains or smells imbued on your clothes?

Spill Bandit attaches seamlessly to your seat belt, deploys automatically, and functions as an apron to protect your clothing and seats from spilled food or drink when you're on the go. When you're done, snap it back in to place and move on with more confidence that you're clean and fresh. It's simple. Go get yours (and one for your passengers) now!

Comments down below for gadget discovery feedback!

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