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Saucy Sandwiches

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

We here at Spill Bandit are busy professionals that are constantly on the go. Given that we are based in Southern California, we are very vehicle dependent, which results in plenty of eating in the car, drinking in the car, and even applying make-up in the car.

The most common side effect of these activities are the dreaded spills that end up on both your clothes and seats. This is where the idea of Spill Bandit originated. We created a solution to keep your clothes, uniforms, suits, and scrubs looking like new, no matter how saucy your sandwich was.

Speaking of a sandwich, we thought we'd share some of our favorites that we meal prep and indulge in on the go. Try them out and let us know your thoughts!

Tuna Burg

What we use:

Thomas' Sourdough English Muffin

Trader Joe's Albacore Tuna Patty (in freezer aisle)

Trader Joe's tartar sauce

Red Onion

Lettuce (we prefer iceberg for this)


Cook the tuna patty according to the instructions. Toast your muffin. Schmear the tartar sauce and assemble according to taste. *we sincerely recommend layering the onion on top of the tartar sauce, then placing the patty on top of the onion for more "perfect bite" success.

Pulled Pork

What we use:

Pork shoulder


Chicken Broth

Salt, Pepper, Garlic


Onion rolls

Slow cook your pork shoulder in a crock-pot covered in broth, sliced onions, garlic, salt, & pepper. Set it and forget it. (6-8 hours)

When the pork shoulder is tender and falling apart, let it cool and then get ready to pull. We use two forks and shred away at the meat. Douse in mass amounts of BBQ sauce, throw it on top of a toasted onion roll, and chow down on the go.

Don't forget your Spill Bandit when you eat in the car!

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