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Distracted Driving

According to a study by Exxon Mobil, over 70% of drivers fess up to eating in the car while over 80% volunteered that they drink (non-alcoholic beverages) in the car on a regular basis.

Given that so many folks are engaging in this type of distracted driving, we found value in Spill Bandit helping to alleviate some of the "staring down at your shirt while driving" moves or "hopelessly searching for a napkin to wipe up a spill" tactics that happen under these circumstances.

You see, eating in the car or drinking in the car falls under the category of at least two of the three types of distraction which, include: visual (taking your eyes off of the road), manual (taking your eyes off of the wheel), and cognitive (taking your mind off of driving - this seems more relevant in the event of a spill).

The main way to avoid these distractions (texting, make-up, kids, food, drink, pets) would be to just abstain from having them be present, but that is not reality. We are a busy culture and a busy car culture at that. We do everything in our cars!

We recommend utilizing a Spill Bandit for the times when you eat in the car, drink in the car, or apply make-up in the car. Remember that Spill Bandit should not be deployed or retracted while your vehicle is in motion and it will not protect you from hot food or beverage spills. It will however, give you peace of mind that you are taking steps to reduce your distraction by eliminating the fear that your drink will splash, your taco will spill, or your sandwich will drip.

Fasten you Spill Bandit friends and enjoy the road!

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